Prof Jaya Rajesh Vattam

( Calicut, Power systems), B.E (EEE,Andhra University)

A warm and affectionate welcome from the Department of Electrical Engineering at Alamuri Ratnamala Institute of Engineering & Technology. Electrical Engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with mainly Power systems, Electrical Machines, Power Electronics and Control Systems areas. The theoretical, together with the practical content of the course provides a thorough knowledge of the core concepts relating to Electrical machines and Transmission and distribution of Electrical Power along the globe. Our department has a team of qualified and experienced faculty and staff members and we are striving hard continuously to improve upon the quality of education and to maintain its position of leadership in engineering and technology. We always work with the motto “Nothing can be achieved without genuine effort.” The core values of the department help the students to develop their overall personality and make them worthy technocrat to compete and work at global level. Our department has been conducting seminar / conferences since its beginning to keep the faculty and students abreast with the latest developments in the field of technical education. In addition there will be continuous value added programs like solar training, robotics training and communication training etc. for the students to meet the industry requirements and make them employable.

I am certain that our students will prove to be an invaluable asset to an organization.


To provide basic facilities in the field of Electrical Engineering by practical learning in industries and imparting quality education.


  • To provide students with knowledge and technical skills to excel as engineers.
  • To give practical knowledge to students with industry interaction and mould them as per industry requirements.
  • To empower students to succeed in higher education and become entrepreneurs.
  • To inculcate discipline and social responsibilities in the students for their professional growth.

The department of Electrical Engineering at ARMIET offers a best in-class foundation to expert level education and training in Electrical Engineering leading to the renowned and respected B.Tech degree. B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from SITRC opens all the imaginable doors for you which never existed earlier. It’s a passport which will help you start at ARMIET and go anywhere!

The department aims to facilitate the development of industry ready graduates who are not only trained but very well educated and confident in the little details of electrical engineering. Aim is develop each student with robust repertoire of professional skills to give each student – wings to fly.

At ARMIET, the Electrical and Computer Engineering have been treated as two separate departments but whilst education the next generation of graduates in electrical engineering, the computer department is used extensively to keep the curriculum extremely cutting-edge and next generation.

A student studying this degree program with us will be provided with an opportunity to constantly mix and match the modules to keep his interest areas focussed right at the center. Hence, flexibility is something which we very seriously provide.

Faculty members have been selected via rigorous selection procedures from all over India. The teaching staff members have one thing in common which is – they are researchers in their own areas and they have an absolute command over the topics they teach. In addition to academic achievement, most of them have spent ample time in industries which has helped them in building network extensively. This is utilized at ARMIET in terms of arranging internships, seminars, guest lectures and on-campus recruitment.

If you are ready to dare beyond the average then you are invited to explore ARMIET and start your journey, right here, right now!