The Institute has a total of 671 Computers in the campus with different configurations. 50 Mbps Internet connections is made available for staff and students. Wi-Fi facility is available in Reading Room.

Give details on the computing facility available (hardware and software) at the institution.

Number of computers with Configuration (provide actual number with exact configuration of each
available system).

Computer Laptop Total no of computer Computers in Laboratories Computers for Students Computers for Staff Computer for Administration Computer for Classroom Projector
671 25 671 536 12 50 27 29

Computer-student ratio.

Standalone facility All the computers are connected to Server through LAN. The institute has 7 Stand-alone Computers in Admin Section separated from the network to maintain the Confidentiality of data.
LAN facility All the labs, staff and administration computers are connected in a Single Network using Star Network Topology with 50 MBPS Speed.
Wi-Fi facility Institute provides Wi – Fi facility to staff and students on their laptops and tab.
Number of nodes/computers with Internet facility All the computers have on demand internet facility.
Any other. 1. Printers: 68 nos.
2. Scanner: 5 nos.
3. Projectors: 44 nos.
4. Online & Offline UPS
5. Canon Xerox machine: 5 no
6. Riso Duplicator printing machine

The Institute has a total of 671 Computers in the campus with different configurations. The details are provided in the below table:

The detailed allocation of Computers for the different labs, students and administration are as follows The Institute has in total 25 Laptops with different configurations utilized by the faculty for teaching learning process. The details are provided in the below table:

The Institute has 68 printers with different configurations. Dot matrix printers are used by the students for experiments, all the departments have Laser jet printer.
The details are provided in the below table:

The Institute has 7 scanners with different configurations. Each department has a scanner which is utilized for academic purposes. The details are provided in the below table:

The Institute has 51 projectors. All the classrooms and departments are equipped with projectors. The details are provided in the below table:

The Institute has 12 Online UPS installed across the Computer Labs for Power Backup. The details are provided in the below table:

Following are the Server details in the Institute used for Academic as well as Administration purpose.


Following are the Networking device details in the Institute used for LAN connectivity.

Cisco Switches

  • 8 Port Managed Switch – 7
  • 16 Port Managed Switch – 2
  • 24 port Managed Switch- 29


  • Cyberoam 100ia DPU TVSP/03 year

Wi-Fi Controller

  • Wi-Fi access point – 24
  • Wi-Fi Facility is available for students and faculty at Reading Room and Girls
  • Accommodation

Internet Facility

  • Sky net solution: – 50MBPS 1:1 Lease Line

Licensed software

Following are the details of licensed software installed in the Institute for academic purpose.

Detail on the computer and internet facility made available to the faculty and students on the campus and off-campus?

The Institute provides Internet facility for the students in the Cyber room and in the college library between 8.30am to 6:15pm. Internet is provided to students in Labs across the campus on need basis. Wi-Fi facility is available in Engineering section, MMS department, Reading room.

What are the institutional plans and strategies for deploying and upgrading the IT infrastructure and associated facilities?

A separate department named ‗IT INFRA‘ is formed to take care of the IT & related needs of the campus such as Software Development, Hardware & Networking, Website designing & hosting, Email solutions, SMS solutions, etc. System Department upgrades the computer systems of the different laboratories as per the requirements of the University syllabus. The website and IT services like Mail etc. of the institute are hosted in the data centre of the campus. System department has implemented backup server to backup selected computer holding crucial information to central data centre. System Department has implemented a Strong Open Source Firewall for web and content filtering to providing secure internet connection to students and Staff.

Online course materials are hosted on the NPTEL to provide access to students and faculty members on campus and off campus. All the classrooms in the college are equipped with LCD projectors. The Institute Provides Wi-Fi facility for staff and students for their research and project work. Parents can check attendance of their wards off campus through massaging system of ARMIET.

Internet Bandwidth was increased from 42 Mbps to 50 Mbps to cater to the needs of growing demand.

Provide details on the provision made in the annual budget for procurement up gradation, deployment and maintenance of the computers and their accessories in the institution

Estimated Budget

Actual Expenditure

How does the institution facilitate extensive use of ICT resources including development and use of computer-aided teaching/ learning materials by its staff and students?

LCD Usage

Faculty members are highly encouraged to use power point presentation for delivering lecture through the use of LCD projectors. Every Classroom has Wall Mounted projector. Students are encouraged to deliver seminars and presentations with modern presentation aids. Every Department has laptops equal to classroom. Laptops are used for presentation purpose.


Fast File Search (FFS). This web based application is available to student and staff to search NPTEL videos and Open Source Software. The website can be accessed on campus only. URL –

Library Management

College has implemented Open Source SOUL to automate the Library Process.

Elaborate giving suitable examples on how the learning activities and technologies deployed (access to on-line teaching – learning resources, independent learning, ICT enabled classrooms/learning spaces etc.) by the institution place the student at the centre of teaching-learning process and render the role of a facilitator for the teacher.


  • Students use learning resources like, NPTEL for independent learning. Internet Wi – Fi facility is given to the student‘s laptop to motivate them for independent learning.
  • Mail facility for faculty (both teaching and non-teaching) is provided for communication purposes.


  • All the classrooms are equipped with LCD projectors to enhance Teaching- learning process.
  • Centre for Soft Skills and Personality Development lab is having all required digital facilities like computer, headphones and Internet.
  • For students to expand their knowledge boundary to international level, video conferencing is provided in cyber room.

Does the Institution avail of the National Knowledge Network connectivity directly or through the affiliating university? If so, what are the services availed of?

Currently, we don‘t have such facilities but NPTEL videos are available for download for the staff and students.