Many Universities all over the world have emphasized the need for fundamental (basic) research but for effective utilization of research activities for the service to society it is important to contribute for the enhancement of existing knowledge by promoting advancement of applied research. Researchers need to develop the much needed perspective of thinking globally but at the same time not lose the sight of local, regional, national requirements.


ARMIET Research Policy underlines the best measures to be followed for research under the prevailing research atmosphere, and the rules and regulations of the University of Mumbai. The research policy will serve as an excellent model for building its credentials in research and thus improving the research standard of the college. The proper implementation of ARMIET Research policy will help in developing a conducive atmosphere for quality research in the long run. It will also help in carrying out community and regional need based research. In a nutshell, the primary aim of research policy is to create an optimum model for smooth conduction of high quality research.



ARMIET - R&D Cell created to nurture creativity, innovation and business entrepreneurship in Faculty and students for conducting forefront cutting-edge research including design and development of products in specific thrust areas of Science, Engineering and Technology.


ARMIET - R&D Cell research initiative and policy put in place in particular to support research and development for the present needs of the society including rural population and in the rural areas. The research policy keeps pace with the fast developments taking place and expanding growth of knowledge in our country and around the globe.


The research objectives primarily aim for conducting both basic and applied research of the highest standard and global nature through interdisciplinary approach and initiatives for making significant contributions to society locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

  • To motivate Faculty and students for carrying out research and development activities in the areas of specialization and core competence.
  • To interact with professionals and experts in industry, Government, research laboratories and academic institutes for research opportunities.
  • To encourage and assist Faculty and students to apply for grants in the areas of core competence/specialization from various government and non-government funding agencies.
  • To conduct minimum one workshop on the emerging technologies and one industrial visit for staff and students in each department per semester.
  • To sign memorandum of understanding (MOU) with industries for research and development activities and to provide solutions to industrial problems through consultancy.
  • To encourage innovation by promoting projects and start ups to incubate in the college and later commercialization to external stakeholders like industry and other institutions through annual technical events, project exhibitions and competitions.
  • To publish research findings in national and international journals and also participate in national and international level conferences.
  • To register and document the research work done by the R&D Cell under Intellectual Property Rights like copyrights, patents, etc.
  • To improve the academic standard of the college by conducting cutting-edge researches in relevant fields and areas of specialization.
  • To conduct basic and applied research to support the academic need and industrial demand by advancing and developing new areas of technology.

Research Policy

The ARMIET Research policy has been prepared to encourage Faculty, researchers and students for carrying out quality research as described below:

  • The ARMIET college shall make all efforts to develop very conducive atmosphere for various research programs in all different departments.
  • The college lays special emphasis on interdisciplinary research and the research team shall assist the Faculty and researchers to sort out any problems faced by them.
  • Every year at the end of academic session the head of department shall submit the feedback on research work including problems faced by faculty and researchers after organizing a faculty cum researchers meeting with the core group. The feedback should include the projects completed/undertaken, research publications and papers presented, key note addresses delivered, sessions chaired by each faculty and researchers. The feedback should be completed by end of even semester each year.
  • ARMIET shall encourage all faculty members to publish their research work in quality journals. The college shall select the best researcher from Faculty and student category on the basis of quality of papers published, based on impact factor or where impact factor is not available by obtaining opinion of at least two experts and felicitate the faculty member and researcher every year. ARMIET will also award a certificate of appreciation to the researcher if his/her research paper is published in quality International Research Journal.
  • The Research Team will foster research attitude and function as a core group for all the college research activities by promoting intellectual property and filing of patents.
  • Faculty members shall be eligible for TA/DA for presentation of their research work in International conferences abroad once in two years and for national conference once a year. TA/ DA provision shall also be available to its faculty members who are invited to deliver keynote address/lectures in National/International conferences or to chair a research session or to preside in the conference, seminar or workshops. The expenses will be borne out of the travel grant of UGC under plan.
  • Faculty shall be provided with full cooperation and assistance by the college in the conduct of research projects by streamlining the administrative and audit system. ARMIET shall encourage the international and national collaborations especially in the field of research. Through its Institute-Industry Interaction Cell, it shall also establish more active collaborations with industries especially within and around Mumbai, Thane, Nasik and Pune regions.
  • The college shall identify thrust and key areas in each department to promote research and shall make efforts to develop them into national and international repute. Also, the library facility shall be enriched every year with subscription of additional journals, advanced books on research, handbooks and web-based literature.
  • To implement the Research Policy, the college will set up a Research Team headed by Dean of Research & Development and consisting of Faculty members. Dean of Research & Development shall direct and supervise all research activities. He/she shall take necessary actions for effective implementation of quality research programmes.

Research Team Role

The primary role of the Research Team shall be as given below:

  • To create conducive research environment in the college by creating focused research groups at par with reputed engineering colleges and complying international standards.
  • To motivate students and Faculty to get involved in sponsored research by writing proposals to funding agencies.
  • To provide guidance and direction to Faculty and students for proper implementation of sponsored research projects.
  • To provide incentives to Faculty and research students by way of awards to top Achievers and Innovators.
  • To organize Seminars/Conferences and Research Paper competitions for promoting research culture.
  • To emphasize the need for ethics in Research and oversee the research planning and execution.
  • To seek Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in terms of patents and copyrights on the inventions.
  • To utilize the outcome of the research work for benefit of the society and nation building.